Amazingly, HQ Trivia is continuing to rake in massive audiences, thanks in part to its insane cash prize pools. One of the latest was a whopping $US300,000 ($386,205) in a game hosted by DwayneThe RockJohnson, with 83 winners taking home a tidy $US3,614.46 ($4,653) each.

Among those 83 smart arses was a bloke named Scott Menke, who has found his way into the winners list more than once, and people have started to notice, particularly because of his avatar, which is a picture of him and HQ host, Scott Rogowsky.

Given the increasing number of cheat bots getting around these days, it wasn’t long before people started suspecting old mate Menke was cheating or simply copping the answers from the host himself. In reality, he’s just a big nerd who went to the same university as Rogowsky.

As reported by Touch Arcade, Menke also recently posted in a Reddit AMA that he’s been on both Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, so the guy clearly has a knack for general knowledge.

So there you go, folks, Scott isn’t cheating, he’s just way smarter than you.