New “smart” speed bump technology has been installed in Perth‘s Curtin University, prompting fears from students that the speed deterrent will fuck up their cars good and proper.

Developed by Swedish company Edeva, these Actibumps work by measuring the speed of approaching vehicls with a radar and creating an inverted speed bump if it’s speeding. If you’re going the speed limit, you’ll get a smooth ride, but if you’re going too fast, a platform will be lowered into the ground, creating a bump aimed to slow you right the fuck down.

Speaking with the ABC, Curtin Uni director of operations and maintenance Graham Arndt reckons around 70 per cent of the vehicles on campus were travelling over the speed limit, leaving him no choice but to take action.

“We chose the Actibump because it only affects drivers that are speeding and because the system is so flexible,” he told ABC News. “We can set a speed limit and other variables via software, which increases flexibility and the system is also programmable for other applications.”

As you’d imagine, students aren’t happy with the new system, and to be fair, I don’t blame them. I mean, look at this thing.

Hitting that can’t be good for your car at all. But then again, maybe you kids shouldn’t be going so dang fast. Still, health sciences student Savannah Franklin makes a good point.

“I think they’re a very innovative addition, but I honestly don’t think they’re any more effective than traditional speed bumps,” she told ABC News.“I suppose I’m concerned about the damage that they could cause to the underside of cars that sit low to the ground, however, if people don’t speed then that issue is irrelevant.”

According to Edeva, the product has successfully managed to improve traffic conditions in Sweden, so I guess slowing down out of fear of an expensive repair bill might be a decent deterrent after all.

Source: ABC News
Image: Edeva