Stop what you’re doing right now and get a load of this 8-bit game that lets you play as your favourite Netflix characters. 

It’s the first time the streaming company has ventured into the realm of video games, giving you the opportunity to play as Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black‘s Piper Chapman, Pablo Escobar from Narcos (and the real world) and Marco Polo‘s Marco Polo. Whoever that is.
The game functions a lot like Super Mario Run, in that all you need to do is tap the space bar to jump or double-jump. When playing as Mike, you’ll need to avoid guards and suspicious-looking idiots in lab coats while collecting as many Eggos as you can. 
At one point Eleven will show up to help you out, after which the Demogorgon comes along to ruin your day with weird balls of black. 
Pablo Escobar’s level involves evading capture, while Piper Chapman is dodging cafeteria trays and catching chickens. Classic. I don’t know what Marco Polo is doing. At all. 
Each level’s music is a rad 8-bit version of the show’s actual theme song, which is pretty damn cool, especially in the case of Stranger Things. 
Source: Kotaku
Photo: Netflix.