Of all the celebrity names out there, I’d wager Matthew McConaughey‘s is among the most misspelled. I mean, I’m sure there are folks who cop it a lot worse, but McConaughey is definitely up there, and this delightfully fun chart proves it.

Essentially, it illustrates 10,000 attempts at spelling the actor’s name by letter. The grey offshoots you see are deviations to incorrect spellings, while the blue is correct, which 3,700 people managed to nail. That’s a 37 per cent success rate, folks.

You can have a look at the chart for yourself below.

As you can see, there are some incredible mutations of the name in there. At least everyone got the first letter right, I guess. Please allow me to list a few of my favourites below.

  • McConaghew
  • Machonahey
  • McCaughney
  • Macconaghey
  • McGonahey
  • McConnahaugh
  • McConhey
  • Mchonehey

But man, you absolutely cannot go past “McCoughnehey,” which reads like Mc-Cough-and-hey. It’s like someone was trying to order McDonald’s and coughed halfway through the greeting. Unreal.

The chart was posted to Reddit by a user named codenberg, who I assume also made it. It’s a pretty fun little way of looking at quirky data, which certainly fits right in on the Data is Beautiful subreddit.

Source: Reddit
Image: Getty Images