Mark Zuckerberg‘s dog is essentially the dog that has everything. What the fuck do you get an animal like that for its birthday? 

The answer is obviously a 3D printed model of itself. 
having access to an entire team of Oculus employees and the necessary hardware, Zucc put one of them to work on the extremely important task of modelling and printing the tiny Beast. Yes, the dog’s name is Beast. 
In celebration of the Zuckerdog’s 6th birthday, Mark put the below video on Facebook
Sure, it’s probably just a clever way of marketing the Oculus Medium design program and really, the dog will never know what the hell it has actually received, but hey, it’s pretty cute. 

“Beast was pretty confused, but I love that we have the technology and culture where people just make things like this for fun,” wrote Zucc. 
Happy birthday, Beast. The dog worth millions that has absolutely no idea. 
Source: Facebook
Photo: Facebook.