Snapchat is a pretty powerful platform with an absolutely massive audience, but we’d wager you never expected something as important as university acceptance letters to be sent via the mobile app.

Yeah, you read that correctly, the University of Wisconsin is legit sending future students their acceptance letters in a snap.
“They would definitely get a snap before they’d get their mail packet,” university admissions employee Katelyn Santy told CNN. “Students get the snaps pretty immediately, because it’s a place where they spend a lot of time.”
According to the school, students usually respond with a selfie shortly after receiving the snap, which is maybe the most 2016 thing we’ve ever heard. 
It’s a pretty ~hip~ move by the uni and one that’s likely to spread like an STI on campus. Is this the future of important messages? Will your doctor soon be using Snapchat to tell you about your herpes, too? 
Also, how the fuck do they get the applicants usernames? It’s a brave new world where all of your applications will be asking your for your Facey URL, your Twitter handle and your Snapchat username. 
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