To absolutely no one’s surprise, Instagram‘s implementing another bloody stories feature. This time, they’re bringing text-only slides into the mix.

It’s called Type Mode and it lets you add a colourful slide on which you can type away as much as you want. Choose from a bunch of fancy custom texts and backgrounds and just do some typing. Just give it a red hot text explosion.

You’re right, colourful text box, it does sound like something I’ve seen before. The feature has been around on Facebook for a little while now, so I guess they just decided to move it on over, seeing as it owns Instagram and all.

To use the feature, all you have to do is open the app camera and tap the “Type” button next to “Normal”. Type whatever you bloody want and then pick a background colour / pattern and a font type. Easy peasy.

You just need to update your app for the change to kick in, so make sure you do that before you try and give it a whirl.

How much more of Facebook can they really cram into Instagram? We’ll just have to wait and see, but unless it’s features to do with photo or video, they probably shouldn’t bother. We already have Facebook for reading people’s junk, you know?

Image: Instagram