Instagram is keen to start fighting the scourge of fake followers, likes, and comments on its platform by making them a violation of the Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.

Announced today, the changes will allow Instagram to straight-up remove any fake likes or follows from accounts which use third-party apps or services to pump up their numbers. These bung accounts will be identified using moderation tools built on machine learning, after which their fake-ass shit will be deleted without the need to remove the whole thing, which is something it’s done in the past.

The company will notify the account that their fake engagements have been removed, as well as prompt them to change their password to avoid any third-party services from jacking the account further.

It was only a matter of time before the Facebook-owned platform jumped on the growing trend of fake followers and engagement, particularly as more brands come on board to advertise their wares through the popular influencer movement. Hell, you can be classed as a “nanoinfluencer” now if you have even 1,000 followers. Wild stuff.

But even from a general user’s perspective, clearing out the trash will be a welcome change to Instagram. Nothing makes my eyes roll further into the back of my skull than a follow from an overtly fake account trying to make a few quick bucks without putting in the hard yards. Take your #like4like and get the hell outta here.

The company is expected to announce more measure to combat fake activity soon.

Source: Tech Crunch
Image: Getty Images