Election stickers. Election stickers. ELECTION STICKERS!

Ahead of this Saturday’s Federal Election, the Democracy Sausage – in animated form – is heading to Instagram to spice up your #AusPol piccies. In collaboration with award-winning artist Tony Albert, Instagram will bless us with four-election themed stickers to use in your Insta Stories. Joining the sausage is the We Voted sticker, Very Important Voter, and My Vote Counts. 

As per usual, all you gotta do is open the camera on Insta, tap through to the sticker tray then select the election-themed beauties, represented by the one and only democracy sausage. Add a sticker or four to your photo, resize it, add a little mustard to your sausage, the choice is yours.

Instagram is also launching an interactive new election-themed Story called Aus Votes, which will highlight posts using the new stickers. Once you add a sticker to your photo, your story will be added to the Aus Votes channel but don’t fret, only people who follow you will be able to see your election day selfie / you chomping down on a sausage.

Andif you tap on one of the four stickers in someone’s story, it’ll take you directly to the Australian Electoral Commission‘s website in case you need to find your closest voting booth or whatnot.

The stickers will be available from Thursday, 16 May and run through to Election Day.

“The Federal Election is a time for all Australians to come together and have their voices heard, and these stickers represent an opportunity to share that experience together,” Albert said of his creations.

The people will take to the polls for the 2019 Federal Election this Saturday, 18 May.

Peep the stickers below.

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