HQ, the live trivia app, absolutely owns. It’s buggy, crashes frequently, provides very little reward for a lot of effort, has a comments section that can only be described as “a complete nightmare,” contains questions that are infuriatingly worded, and is only useful twice a day. It rules, it rules so goddamned much, I cannot get enough of it.

If you’re not already on board, it works thusly: Twice a day the app streams live trivia competitions for all who want to log in and play along. The game asks 12 multiple choice questions, and those who manage to get every single one right get a share of a small prize pool. We’re talking about US$2,000 on average, which has to be split amongst the winners who get through to the end, meaning you’re only ever taking home a bare handful of spare change each time.

Somehow – probably because the majority of players never earn a thing from it – getting that sweet, sweet few spare dollars is a rare joy. And this footage of a woman finally breaking through the barrier perfectly encapsulates it.

Lauren May, a player in San Francisco, scored the princely sum of $11.30 after beating the mythical twelfth question. Her reaction may seem strange to outsiders, but to HQ veterans, it’s perfectly justified.

I can’t stress this enough: I will trample over all of your beaten down carcasses if it meant winning just 0.50c from that accursed app. I will run through walls just to get a glimpse of question twelve, I swear.

HQ sucks so incredibly much and I love it to death.