If you’re anything like me, you were pretty heavily into HQ Trivia for a few months, but after losing to obscure US-centric questions about the fucking Smithsonian Institution, you decided to stop playing altogether. I know the pain, friend.

Welp, dust that shit off, mates, because HQ is launching a quiz just for us simply titled, HQ Australia. It’ll be hosted by Aussie expat, Lyndsey Rodrigues, and feature questions that are more in line with our country and culture.

“Australia is home to some of HQ’s biggest and most loyal fans and players,” the company said in an email statement. “Following the success of the original HQ Trivia, plus HQ UK, HQ Sports and HQ Germany, we feel ready to test out a game made specifically for Australia, including showtimes, the host, and the content of our questions.”

The rules are exactly the same as always – answer all the questions correctly and win a share of the prize money, which, at this stage, is $600 AUD. It’ll be on every weeknight at 9PM, kicking off tonight. The game will only be pushed to a select number of users at first, but will be open to everyone moving forward.

I can’t wait to lose at this and the US version.

Image: HQ Trivia