Before the wild success of GTA 3 and its 3D world of beating the shit out of pedestrians with a bat, the Grand Theft Auto series was essentially a top-down version of the same thing. 

The feel was far more arcade-y than the GTA we’re used to now, but it was insanely fun, especially when you played with a bunch of mates. 
If you never experienced such madness, you’ll now get your chance, as Rockstar have announced the Tiny Racers game mode for GTA Online
“Get ready for a new spin on classic Grand Theft Auto action, with Tiny Racers,” their page says. By the looks of the trailer, it’s a simple top-down racing mode that’ll have folks exploding all over the place. Suss it below. 

The mode will be available April 25 (26th for us Aussie folk). More deets on their website.
Source & Photo: Rockstar.