Google Earth copped a nifty relaunch today and it’s probably where you’ll be killing a lot of time this week. 

You can now access the new and improved version straight through the Chrome browser, as well as on a standalone Android app with an iOS version coming later this year. 
Most notably, the interface has been given spiffy new sheen, along with a number of new features. One such addition is called Voyager, which aims to help you learn about the world via video clips. There’s 50 of them right now with more likely to follow.
Better yet, they’ve introduced an I’m Feeling Lucky button that takes you to a random location around the world. It’ll display an information card about the destination so you can learn all about it while you cop an eyeful of it in glorious 3D. 
If you’re ready to waste the rest of your day dreaming about future travel locations, you can get amongst it right here
Photo: Google Earth