Are you looking for a font with a bit of bloody character? Some ever-changing flair? A pinch of fucking oomph? Say no more.

Futuracha Pro is a new font by Greek branding agency høly that changes as you type it. Literally. 

Depending on the positioning of certain letter combinations, different flairs and stylings will change as you type them. Adjust the word and the letter design will change with it. 

The design is based on the classic Futura font with the addition of Art Deco-styled swirls inspired by the antennae and horns of cockroaches. Yep, the filthy bugs. 

The name Futuracha comes from the blending of the base font with the Spanish word for cockroach – “cucaracha”. Got the song La Cucaracha stuck in your head right now? Same. 

If you’re interested in the roach-inspired font, you can help out with their Indiegogo campaign which aims to make the font available to everyone. 

You can see it in action in the video below.

Source: Refinery29.

Photo: høly.