There’s gonna be a day where you, greying hair and old bones, will sit down with your grandkids and tell of the whacky olden days where game console controllers only had two buttons and had cords, and if you wanted to keep playing a game after school you’d have to leave it on pause all day.
But while you’re waiting for that fever dream to become reality, the good people in the gaming biz are acutely aware that there’s a pretty penny to be made in the nostalgia market.
Disney and Capcom, the based legends that they are, have announced the re-release of six classic NES games, all updated, remastered, and repackaged into what they’re calling the ‘Disney Afternoon Collection.’
This particular bit of 8-bit magnificence will see the legendary ‘DuckTales‘ platformer paired up with its sequel ‘DuckTales 2,’ and the similarly good games ‘Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers,’ ‘Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers 2,’ ‘Darkwing Duck,’ and ‘TaleSpin‘ for a digital re-release that’s set to hit PC, Xbox One and PS4 marketplaces in April.
The games have all been upscaled to 1080p, and feature a range of different visual filters aimed at preserving the OG cartridges’ visual aesthetic.
Beyond that, the new versions will have a handful of fairly clever bonus game modes attached: A ‘Boss Rush‘ mode will fling you into a series of consecutive boss battles, whereas ‘Time Attack‘ is more or less an online-managed speed run function.
In-game, the re-releases will also feature a rewind mode, allowing the player a mulligan whenever they make a mistake; an invaluable tool for the preservation of controllers given how frustratingly tricky old platformers tend to be.
Capcom dropped a trailer for the collection and frankly? It looks dope.

DuckTales‘ copped an HD remastering back in 2013 to mostly positive reviews. But by the looks of things this re-release will be far closer to the original game, rather than the “2.5D” 2013 update.
The Disney Afternoon Collection‘ hits online marketplaces from April 18th. It’ll be flogged off in the US for a tidy US$20. No word just yet on the Australian price point.

Source: Capcom/YouTube.