A UK coroner has issued a warning after a man was reportedly electrocuted to death in his bathtub while charging his iPhone.

Richard Bull, 32, was believed to have connected his iPhone to an extension cable while he was in the bath in December last year, laying the device on his chest while it charged. He suffered severe burns on his chest, arm and hand when part of the phone touched the water.
His wife called paramedics upon finding him, describing his injuries as so bad that it looked like he had been attacked. He was already dead by the time the ambulance arrived on the scene.
“These seem like innocuous devices but can be as dangerous as a hair dryer in a bathroom,” said Dr Sean Cummings, the coroner. “They should attach warnings. I intend to write a report later to the makers of the phone.”

Mr. Bull’s brother Andrew spoke about the incident, saying it was an important warning. “We can all be careless at times. You don’t think there is enough electricity to do this, but there is.”

“It was such a needless and tragic accident.”

Source: The Sun.
Photo: Facebook.