If you’re not familiar with Big Buck Hunter, it’s an arcade game usually found in the dark corner of a pub that involves shooting brightly coloured shotguns at video game animals to destroy them in exchange for points. 

The machine is almost always accompanied by three or four drunk blokes who’ve been on the piss all day and can’t seem to grasp the concept of inside voices. The loser generally has to buy the next round of bevvies and the winner will moan on about it for fucking hours. 
If you’ve always wanted to give the game a go, Adult Swim now have their very own version that you can play from the comfort of your very own home. Only in this game, there are no big bucks, only memes. 
It’s called Big Dank Meme Hunter and the premise is very similar. You shoot the memes and avoid the targets specified to rack up an enormous amount of points. 
Sure, you won’t get to hold the gaudy faux shotguns, but you can play using your smartphone as the gun. 
You have the option to play on a laptop, TV or computer with a mouse or trackpad, but the game will also let you calibrate your smartphone to act as a kind of remote, which is surprisingly easy. 
The bloke below will pop up and guide you through the whole thing, which is essentially going to a website on your phone and entering a code. From there, you just tap to shoot and swipe down to reload. 
“Right, now before you get to hunting them there mayms, you’re gonna need to calibrate that there rifle,” he tells you. 
You’ll get an entertaining array of memes to shoot, including Dat Boi, Guy Fieri, Dank Frank, Hairy Dickbutt and way more. 
It’s a journey through the internet that I implore you to take. Hit it up right here