The upcoming baseball video game MLB The Show 2017 is sure to be a real treat for pitchers and batters all over the globe. Take me out to the ballgame. Fuck yeah. 

I’ll tell you where you can’t take me, though. To Glitch Town, because it’s full of motherfuckers that look like this. 

Do not invite me to Glitch Town. I will never go. 
In a recent Twitch stream with the game’s developers, Sony San Diego, they gave an insight into what the early days looked like. This monster showed up during a discussion on “graphical improvements”.
The eyes. Sweet Christ the eyes. Were they making a baseball game or a collection of wicker horrors? 
Apparently, something was wrong with the hair slider when creating custom players, spitting out hideous freaks built of neatly stacked wood topped with pubes. 
Of course, they’ve put these freaks to sleep with a number of fixes, but it’s always a wild ride when you get a glimpse into the world of a game developer. 

“We’ve had several bugs throughout the year that create these effects,” said lead graphics programmer, Patrick Hager. “I don’t even remember what the bug was. It was just, some compute phase was out of sync…” 

No shit. 
MLB The Show 2017 is due for release on PS4 March 28. 
Source: Kotaku