Apple has begun rolling out their latest software update today, introducing a bunch of new features to get you iPhone-horny mongrels all fired up. 

Most notably, the company has made it possible to use the Find My iPhone app to play sound on your AirPods when you can’t find them. If you’re as clumsy as I am, this is a total fucking lifesaver. 
Furthermore, you’ll be able to view the last location they were synced, which is handy if you’ve really fucked up and left them somewhere silly. 
Siri has been given some more power, too, as she is now able to access your payment apps to make payments or check the status of bills. And get this, she can now interact with your car’s apps to check your fuel level, lock status, operate the lights and even beep the god damn horn. 
The prank possibilities. They are endless. 
Now for my favourite new feature. Hold onto your stinking wickets, cricket fans, because Siri can now give you the scores and statistics for the Indian Premier League and International Cricket Council
Other rad new features are listed below. Enjoy the update, nerds.

  • You can now schedule a lift with ride booking apps.
  • CarPlay now has shortcuts in the status bar for your last used apps.
  • CarPlay’s Apple Music Now Playing screen will allow you to access Up Next, along with the current playing song’s album. 
  • CarPlay now has daily curated playlists and new music lists in Apple Music. 
  • You can now watch videos rented through iTunes across all of your Apple devices (finally). 
  • Podcasts can now be shared from the Podcast App through Messenger.

Source: Business Insider.

Photo: AP.