If you’re one of the many people affected by a slower iPhone after Apple decided to slow old devices down with iOS updates, you’re probably wondering what exactly qualifies you for the discounted replacement battery. Well, folks, the company have confirmed the details.

In case you missed it, Apple recently admitted to slowing down older iPhones (6, 6s, SE, and 7) due to their weakening battery life, which is all well and good, but consumers are pissed with the lack of transparency, claiming they wouldn’t have upgraded when they did had they known the issue could have been resolved with a replacement battery.

The company have since apologised and is now offering new batteries for $39 AUD, originally $119 AUD. Usually, a trip to the Apple store’s Genius Bar would see staff run diagnostics on your phone which would determine if it needs a replacement. It was believed that if the battery could hold more than 80% of its charge, it wouldn’t need to be touched.

Speaking to MacRumors, the company has confirmed they’ll replace the battery of an iPhone 6 or higher at the discounted rate, no matter what the diagnostics say. Furthermore, any customers who paid the full price for a battery swap before the offer of a discount is eligible for a refund of the price difference ($80).

Keep in mind Apple are pretty strict with their devices and might not replace the battery if it finds other damage or if you’ve got third-party components in your phone.

The new offer still isn’t appeasing a number of consumers who’ve decided to sue the shit out of the tech giants for misleading them, including two Australian law firms who are urging those affected to step forward.

Still, reasonably priced battery swaps is a decent way to tell the world you fucked up.

Source: The Verge
Image: Getty Images