Apple is no stranger to odd patents. Not long ago they filed one for something that definitely looks like a vape, so there’s that. But one patent in particular has raised a few eyebrows.

The incredibly huge tech company patented a pizza box back in 2010. Don’t assume it’s full of cool tech, though, it literally just holds pizzas. 
I mean, it’s not really a box as much as it is some pizza-shaped cardboard, but you get the idea. The innovation here, according to Apple, is the ventilation holes on top, designed to avoid the dreaded sogginess that comes with sweaty pizzas. 
Does it actually work? We couldn’t say. It’s not like putting a patent on something makes it any good in Apple’s eyes. They throw those things around like legal confetti. 
It does, however, list the company’s head of food services, Francesco Longoni, as one of its inventors. Take from that what you will.  
They’ve been using them for a little while, too. Aside from the seven-year-old patent, the box has apparently been used at existing Apple campuses. When Steve Jobs passed away, a tweet featuring a picture of the design popped up, signed by employees. 

Screw your pizza cardboard disk, I say. just give me a classic pizza box. 
Source: The Verge.
Photo: Apple / Google