In case ya missed it, the 31st of October marked the beginning of new legislation that allows the cultivation of marijuana in Australia. Under strict licensing, those permitted can now legally grow dank nugs for the first time in 80 years. 

It’s a big step forward for Australia and we’re finally seeing some changes to the outdated laws that prevent medicinal use of the drug for those who really need it. To celebrate this small, but correct step in the right direction, the University of Sydney and BuddingTech hosted the first ever medical cannabis technology and innovation event, appropriately named Seedlings
The standout startup and winner of the event, Miss Mary Jane (see what she did thar?), uses social media to educate, entertain and spruik pot law reform. Surprised by the news that Australia even has a small, but legit weed startup community, we spoke with the husband and wife duo, Charlie and Ben, about how MMJ fits into the industry. 

“The role we’re currently playing is to help break down the negative stigma and misconceptions about cannabis, which is holding the industry back,” they told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“Medical marijuana can help literally dozens of medical conditions, but people are just not aware. The industry is in its infancy, but the only way it can grow up is with education and demand.”
Aiming away from the typical stoner videos floating around online, MMJ presents useful and factual content without the unnecessary bong rips in between. It’s a refreshing take on the subject that’s steadily growing in popularity. “Although there are very tight restrictions in place, you don’t have to grow the plant to start up in the industry. There are many supporting services and products which don’t have to wait for legalisation to roll out,” they said. 

As for their ultimate goal, they say it’s about promoting the health benefits of the ganja, particularly to those who really need it. “We are trying to help in what little way we can.” 
“There will eventually be thousands of jobs created by the cannabis industry, and we’d love to be involved in an industry which promotes natural health and wellness – and can help so many people!” 

I know what you’re thinking, dear reader. You want to know if we’ll ever be able to get completely and utterly blazed without having to worry about the police killing your vibes, don’t you? Lucky for you, MMJ reckons we’re not as far off as you think. “It’s really just a matter of time until the devastating war on cannabis ends,” they said. 
“When you realise how important cannabis is, how safe it is, and the enormous benefits it has medically, socially, and economically – we believe common sense will win in the end.” And if they had to put a number on it? 

“Things are changing fast, and we wouldn’t be surprised if we have recreational weed in Australia within 2 election cycles.” You heard it here first, folks. We sure do hope their mothers are happy with what they’re doing. They know… Right? 
“Mum, if you’re listening: High! I guess she knows now!”

Check out one of Miss Mary Jane’s latest Facebook video below. You can chuck your support behind them by liking their page

Photo: Miss Mary Jane.