YouTuber Lights Crotch On Fire After Losing A Round Of ‘Fall Guys’ & Uh, Sir, You All Good?

In completely normal news, a South Korean YouTuber momentarily set fire to his nether regions during a livestream over the weekend. Very standard. Nothing to see here.

Gamer Shin Tae II was playing Fall Guys, when he asked his followers to provide him with a punishment if he didn’t place first. The winning response? To light up ye ol’ crotch for 5 seconds, naturally.

And that he did! In the below footage, Tae can be seen squirting literal lighter fluid on his boxers before whipping out a lighter and doing the damn thing.

The YouTuber later admitted that he received second-degree burns from the incident, which I’d assume would be the case if you purposely lit your genitals on fire.

Check out the shenanigans below, which take place at around the 3:17:10 mark.

It goes without saying, but please don’t try this at home. Your genitals deserve to do fun things (like sex) and not be on fire. No one likes a burnt sausage.

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