YouTube’s 2019 ‘Rewind’ Video Has Now Copped Nearly 6 Million Dislikes, So There’s That

PSA: That YouTube 2019 Rewind video – which we initially reported on HERE – is fast becoming one of the most disliked videos on the platform, following in hot pursuit of its 2018 predecessor.

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The video’s come under fire for a myriad of reasons, including its general focus on likes and views, its structure as a ‘lazy’ compilation video, and, as my trusty co-worker David wrote in his hot-take, the fact that it’s “celebrating absolutely everything and nothing in particular.” There’s also the obvious presence of the online bandwagon, and the fact that people just love to shit on something that everyone else is shitting on.

Regardless, at time of writing, the 2019 recap video has amassed 5.6 dislikes, in comparison to 2.4 likes.

Here are some of the most ruthless YouTube comments, just ’cause:

“This wasn’t a rewind. This was a repost.” – user SuperrNova

“YouTube: AHH frick! We forgot YouTube rewind. Let’s just put a top 10 compilation video and play Billie eilish in the background” – user Coby Treesh

“2018: tried too hard. 2019: didnt try at all.” – user JordanAI

Ethan Dolan, one of the platform’s most successful creators, condemned the video on Twitter this weekend, lamenting the manner in which it focused on each channel’s figures instead of their creativity.

“Pretty disappointed in YouTube rewind tbh.. very out of touch,” he tweeted. “There’s more to creating than numbers! We need to give people credit for their effort/talent, not how much attention they get. very cool people were given recognition in the vid but for the wrong reasons I feel…”

He continued:

What do you reckon? Check out this year’s now-notorious YouTube Rewind below.

I mean, yeah, it’s pretty lacklustre, but I definitely don’t think it’s worthy of that much hate.