If you enjoy a good YouTube session from time to time, I have some bad news for you; the site’s about to get a lot more unskippable ads.

Announced via the Creator Insider channel, the change will force viewers to watch ads between 15 and 20 seconds in length before the video they actually wanted to watch will begin. While the announcement was spun as a positive for content creators, its gonna be a real pain in the ass for everyone else.

Essentially, whether you’ll see the unskippable stuff comes down to the content creators and whether or not they’d like to switch on the feature. Previously, only select partners had the ability to turn on unskippable ads.

You can see the Creator Insider video for yourself below.

Why would creators want to inflict such pain on you, the dear viewer? Money, of course. If an ad can’t be skipped, it tends to make more money because it costs advertiser more to implement, which translates to more money for YouTube content creators. It’s also another clever way to entice users to sign up for YouTube’s premium ad-free service, which will set you back $14.99 per month.

Whether or not creators will flock to the idea is yet to be seen, as some have indicated that unskippable ads drove viewers away rather than earnt them more cash. Either way, it’s gonna get pretty annoying pretty quickly.

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Image: Vine