In what would likely unseat the stability of modern society faster than any Trump-lead coup of the United States could, YouTube went down for a short period this afternoon. Repeat: YouTube down, end times imminent.

Videos on YouTube for scores of users were rendered unplayable for a perilous hour or so, with links returning a very ominous “an error occurred” splash screen instead.

YouTube’s official social media accounts acknowledged the outage, but did not provide detail on why the issue was being experienced.

While some functionality is returning now, there was plenty of time for basically half the internet to have a borderline existential meltdown over the YouTube outage, with the hashtag #YouTubeDOWN being flooded with wild takes and various memes.

This is the second major outage to affect the streaming giant in recent months, with August’s G Suite issues causing problems with some users uploading videos.

It’s unknown at this point whether the site is operational again for all users globally, however issues in Australia appear to be resolved for the time being.

YouTube going down for an hour. Ya just… really hate to see it.

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Image: Getty Images / Jeff J Mitchell