Your Tax File Number & Bank Details May Have Been Leaked In A Massive Breach

Rot roowwwww, someone dun fucked up with your personal data again. This time, human resources company, PageUp, has issued a statement regarding “unusual activity” in its IT Infrastructure which could have exposed the personal details of thousands of Australians.

PageUp has handled recruitment for huge companies including NAB, Coles, Telstra, Medibank, Australia Post, Aldi, Kmart, TargetReserve Bank of Australia, Linfox, and more. While most of the compromised data is likely just job applicants’ names and email addresses, successful applicants who used the platform could have had their bank details, Tax File Numbers, superannuation details, home addresses, and drivers license numbers leaked. Yikes.

The company is currently investigating the breach and has notified its clients who have in turn released statements to their employees and any candidates who applied for positions with them.

“As a proactive step, we have also ceased use of PageUp’s systems while we seek assurances from PageUp about data security,” an Australia Post spokesperson told the ABC. Many of PageUp’s other clients have taken similar action, with Wesfarmers recommending anyone who’s applied for a position with them in “recent years” to check their important accounts.

“We recommend that any person who has applied online for a position with these businesses in recent years check to ensure that there has been no recent unusual activity concerning personal information they may have supplied during the employment process, for example bank accounts, and maintain a close watch on the use of their personal information,” A spokesperson said.

This marks the first major data breach since the introduction of new laws in February which force businesses to report any suspected breaches to clients or customers who might be affected by them.

If you’ve applied for a job at company which uses PageUp in the past few years, it might be worth sussing out your bank account just to make sure no one’s pulling a swifty with your details. Fingers crossed this is just a whole lot of nothing rather than a bunch internet crooks running around town with possibly the worst data they could get from you.