Your Next iPhone Might Look Mighty Different If This Leaked Design Is Legit

Few things are as assured in this world as iPhone feature rumours – some plausible (the screen will be higher quality), some insane (the phone will literally jack you off).

The most recent one falls firmly into the former camp. We’ve been hearing rumours for a while that Apple is finding it difficult to include a new screen that wraps around the curved edge of the device – similar to the Samsung Galaxy Edge series – while keeping other design elements like the Touch ID fingerprint scanner where they were.
An alleged leaked image posted by often-reliable Melbourne tech writer Sonny Dickson indicates that Apple may strongly be considering putting the fingerprint scanner on the back of the device – a huge change from iPhones past.

It also implies a few other changes, like a vertical arrangement for the dual-camera setup and maybe – just maybe – a USB-C connector instead of a Lightning port. That last bit is super questionable, despite persistent rumours. But hey: something to ponder.
Talking to Fairfax, Dickson said the chances of this one being real or a final product are about 50/50, but that it’s “it’s hard to know with Apple.”
There you go. Maybe the days of tapping your fat, idiot thumb on the bottom-front of the screen are OVER.
Photo: Getty Images.