If you’re prone to obliterating your mobile phone on a regular basis, a German engineering student might have a solution to your expensive woes – a phone that deploys flexible legs like a fucking airbag.

Philip Frenzel studies at Aalen University and designed the case over four years. Like many of us, old mate Frenzel cracked the shit out of a number of his own phones, prompting him to come up with a genius fix to a shitty problem.

It sits on your phone much like a normal case would, but as soon as its sensors detect that it’s in free fall, a mad leg springs out in each corner to break the phone’s fall almost completely. It’s pretty impressive stuff and you can check it out in action below.

The only German I know is from Rammstein songs and I didn’t hear “du hast” or “ich liebe benzin” anywhere in there, so I have no idea what they’re saying. Language barriers aside, I could really use one of these spider airbag dealios.

There’s no Kickstarter for this beauty yet, but we’ll certainly be on the lookout for it. And if you were wondering, yes, Frenzel was praised for his genius and awarded the honour of outstanding work in the field of mechatronics by the German Society for Mechatronics. Nifty.

Until this thing hits the shelves, you’ll just have to live with your bulky case or continue being really careful. Good luck.

Source: Motherboard
Image: Frenzel + Mayer Solutions