Xbox & Nintendo Are Having A Cute Minecraft Playdate & Sony’s Not Invited

Nintendo and Microsoft have joined forces in the latest trailer for Minecraft, highlighting the cross-play abilities now available between the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Of course, Sony is still chucking a massive tanty about the whole thing and is nowhere to be seen.

Cross-play allows those playing the same game on different platforms to play together, which is a relatively new concept for a number of reasons, mostly on the technical front. Some of the bigger titles like Fortnite and Minecraft now support this, which, at the end of the day, is the best thing for gamers.

The only platform yet to come to the cross-play party is Sony, who refuse to let its PlayStation users game with those using other consoles. It’s almost like Nintendo and Microsoft are rubbing it in Sony’s face, too. See for yourself below.

The clip really pushes the message home with the line “Create Together, Explore Together, Survive Together, Better Together.” The two companies even had a cute moment on Twitter earlier this morning.

Adorable. It’s nice to see the two rivals playing nicely for a change, it’s just a pity Sony is still sitting alone in the corner.

To be fair, though, Sony does have the most to lose in opening up cross-play capabilities, but at this point, they’re so far ahead on first-party titles it really doesn’t matter. If you’re buying a PlayStation, you’re doing it for the games you can’t play anywhere else, which, for the most part, are single player experiences.

Ball’s in your court, Sony. Don’t be a dick.