Westpac Just Killed Off The Most Annoying Part Of Transferring Money To M8s

Since hardly anyone one carries cash around anymore, we’ve started relying heavily on mobile banking to transfer money amongst friends and family. 

It usually goes something like this – your pay for dinner on your card and everyone else transfers you money, but before that can happen, you have to pass on your BSB and account number, which is a total pain in the ass, right? Not to mention the potential for accidentally giving the wrong details. 
And then comes the inevitable string of payments with hilarious descriptions like “money 4 sex” or “rabbit vibrating dildo”. Nice one, guys, classic gag. 
While they can’t stop your friends making you look like a rabid sex pest, Westpac have a solution for your banking woes with a keyboard that integrates with your iOS device. 
Appearing at the bottom of the standard keyboard, the Westpac icon will take you to a beautiful and convenient place where you can make a payment to an existing payee, generate and share a cardless cash code and, the best of all, send your BSB and account number with a single tap. 
Fucking. Genius. 
The feature will be available to all Westpac app users on iOS 9.0 or higher within the next week. There’s no word on whether or not Android users will be included at some stage. 
Photo: Westpac. 

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