Welp, Looks Like FB Messenger’s Latest Update Is Jacking Snapchat’s Steez

Another day, another social media platform blatantly rips off another’s cool as shit feature. The particular feature we’re referring to in this case is Facebook Messenger Day, which is pretty well identical to Snapchat‘s own Stories function. 

Facey aren’t the first ones to steal it, either. Instagram recently implemented their own stories feature simply called Instagram Stories, because clearly, originality means nothing anymore. Petty bickering aside, it’s a popular function that’s changing the way we share our lives, so it makes sense for Zuckerberg to implement it into Messenger.
Some are reporting that the feature simply appeared for them in the app, while I, like many others, needed to update it via the app store to get it working. Similar to Instagram, the stories hang out at the top of the screen and you simply tap on one to view it and tap again to skip through the individual clips or images. 
Add a story of your own sick brunch by tapping the My Day rectangle on the left – the very first one – and snapping away at whatever you want. Stories can be viewed for 24 hours, after which they will return to the void from which they came. You don’t have any of the artsy filters that you do with Instagram, but all the fundamentals birthed in Snapchat’s version are there, such as text and drawing functions.
So go forth and create stories across all of the platforms, ya social media fiends. 
Photo: Facebook. 

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