Fess Up: Which 8% Of You Are Watching Netflix In Public Bathrooms?

Now that technology allows us to enjoy streaming services almost anywhere we want to use them, the majority of you are doing just that. New data from Netflix reveals 59 percent of Aussies are streaming content in public and 8 percent of you are… Well… Taking it to the extreme.

Everyone loves a good binge-watch and as you’d expect, the majority of this on-the-go streaming happens during the commute to and from work. It turns out those without an account are getting in on it, too, with 45 percent of those watching saying they’ve caught others snooping on their screen.

One in five public watchers also admit to feeling “show shame” – being embarrassed over what they’re caught watching. Furthermore, 11 percent of respondents say they’ve had a show or movie spoiled by copping a glimpse of someone else’s screen.

But the most revealing statistic of them all, my friends, is that 8 percent of Aussies are streaming Netflix in public bathrooms, which is higher than the global average of 7 percent. Why are you doing this? Why?

Look, streaming on your own throne in your own house I can kind of accept. It’s your own domain and for the most part, it’s a place of personal comfort. But public toilets are not somewhere you should be spending extended amounts of time. Don’t be hogging the stalls, people might need to shit or do cocaine.

You can suss out more of Netflix’s findings in the nifty little image below.

Stream on, you crazy binge-watching fiends.