WATCH: Turns Out Your Pets Enjoy Strange Activities When You’re Not Home

PEDESTRIAN.TV and Telstra have teamed up to give you a glimpse into the secret life of your furry little pals via the wonders of smart home technology. If you’re curious about what your pets get up to when you’re not around, you’ll definitely wanna check out the video below. 

Having a pet is awesome. They don’t judge you, they’re always down to hang out and they always seem to find a way to entertain you. 
Unfortunately for us humans, we don’t have the luxury of hanging out with our pets all day every day. With all the bills and food we have to eat to survive, the majority of us need to work during the day, leaving a huge period of time away from our furry little pals. 
But now that we have a plethora of technology at our fingertips, it’s easy to check in with your pets when you’re not with them. This kind of smart home technology can even let you video call your pets so they know you’re there. 
Or maybe you suspect your pet’s been up top some unsavoury business and want to catch them red-handed. A smart home camera can be set to record only when activity in the area triggers it to do so. Beats sifting through hours of footage, right? 
If you’ve ever wondered what pets do when you’re not home, check out our video below. You won’t regret it.