Credit where it’s due, the ‘Rick & Morty‘ team sure as hell have this whole “absence makes the heart grow fonder” thing down to a pure art.

A one-episode tease on April Fools’ Day and a promise of a return “this year” is all we’ve got to hang our hats on for the long-awaited return of Dan Harmon‘s outrageously good and hugely beloved animated series. So in the meantime, fans are making their own fun.

The endlessly creative modding community produces incredible pop-culture mash-up mods for games seemingly on a daily basis. But this one is just about weird enough for it to actually kinda make sense.

Some intrepid genius has managed to put startlingly realistic skins of Rick Sanchez, Morty Smith, and Mr. Meeseeks (because why the hell not) into the crooked, hyper-violent, seemingly-built-for-Rick world of ‘Grand Theft Auto V.’

The mod includes Rick’s trusty spaceship, and is built over previous mods that insert real-life brand images and logos into Los Santos over the top of the parody versions Rockstar Games included in the OG game, meaning a cruise through a McDonald’s drive-thru on the off-chance of scoring some o’ that precious goddamned szechuan dipping sauce.

The mod also includes the ability to create (seemingly) infinite amounts of Rick and Morty copies, meaning you can recreate the moral minefield of Morty having to murder and bury his own body if that kinda thing sounds like a fun time to you.

Obviously, this is no ‘Roy: A Life Well Lived.’ You’re already mostly off the grid from day dot in ‘GTA,’ so it’s not like you’ll be able to quit Rick’s job in the carpet store and burn your social security number here in a broad show of social defiance.

Still, this definitely wouldn’t be out of place in a Blips and Chitz somewhere in the galaxy.

Now if we can get a Krombopulos Michael sprite into Los Santos, we’d really be in business.

You can check out the mod in full over at its GTA 5 Mods page.

Source: Kotaku.