WATCH: The Real Trevor Phillips Raises Hell In This IRL ‘GTA’ Short Flick

One of the (many, many, many) great things about ‘Grand Theft Auto V‘ is that the game’s principle characters had their appearances modelled on their actual voice actors, meaning there’s physical versions of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor wandering the planet.

And with the scuttlebutt swirling that Rockstar Games will be releasing ‘GTA VI‘ with VR support, why not take a wee look at what an utterly horrifying experience immersing yourself in the nil-consequences world of GTA?
Some clever sods over at Corridor tracked down the actual Trevor Phillips, actor Steven Ogg, and threw him and an unsuspecting cohort back into the wonderful world of ‘GTA VR,’ aka ‘Googel Tesela Appel Virtual Reality‘ just to flirt as close to the line of copyright infringement as we possibly can without diving over that line.
It looks sick as hell and has all the chaos Los Santos has to offer: losing cops with sticky bombs, taking out random pedestrians, even dealing with the scourge of modders in public lobbies.
But be damned if it isn’t Ogg’s performance that puts this over the top to being a real winner, though. Just like in the game, he’s the real MVP.

Honestly though, if you find yourself trapped in a VR GTA hell like that? Stunt races, man. Endless stunt races forever.

Source: YouTube.