WATCH: The First ‘CoD’ Trailer Is Here If You’re Keen To Own Some Nazis

Folks, the first trailer for Call of Duty: WWII is here and it’s the first time I’ve been excited for a COD game since Modern Warfare II

As rumoured, the franchise is making a return to World War II in what Sledgehammer Games describes as following “in the footsteps of the common man”
Unlike previous entries in the series that constantly threw you into the shoes of different characters around the world, WWII will instead follow a narrower perspective between 1944 and 1945 through the eyes of a young private seeing his first glimpse of war across Europe.
In terms of multiplayer, the class system is now gone in favour of divisions. The details are scarce at this stage, but it was hinted that players will be able to play famous historic battles with different objectives depending on your team and whether you’re playing as the Axis or the Allies.
Between matches, you’ll get to hang out in a hectic lobby that we still don’t know much about.
A new Nazi Zombies mode was also hinted because of course it was. Activision says it “delivers a unique storyline that’s an all-new take on Nazi Zombies”. The popular game mode has been a staple of the series since World at War.
Call of Duty: WWII is set for release on November 3 for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Its multiplayer will also be appearing at E3 in June, so you better believe I’ll be wiping my grubby hands all over it. 
And if you’re really keen, you can pre-order the game to get access to a private beta which will launch first on PS4. 
Suss out the reveal trailer below. 

Source & Photo: IGN.