WATCH: Test Footage Of The ‘Stranger Things’ Demogorgon Is Nightmare Fuel

It’s pretty rare to see physical special effects in film and TV these days. Most of that shit is now done on computers and for the most part, fairly well. 

But there’s something infinitely cool about the modern use of animatronics in film. Robots are objectively dope and therefore, slightly cooler than computers. 
See? This robot doesn’t give a shit and that’s cool.
Recently, Netflix exclusive Stranger Things used physical special effects for its own hideous beast, the Demogorgon. Luckily for you, Spectral Motion have released the horrifying test footage for you to see below. I hope you didn’t have plans to sleep tonight. 
Send it back to hell. Immediately. 
Furthermore, you can see the entire spawning process of the Demogorgon in the pictures below. Beautiful. Terrifying. The word ‘NO’ screamed one thousand times. 
Look at that powerful stance

Source: Gizmodo.
Photo: Spectral Motion.

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