WATCH: iPhones Were Almost Mutant iPods And Here Are The Bizarro Visuals

Apple‘s iOS has stayed fairly consistent over the years. Even in its most basic form, the home screen and app buttons formula has been at the heart of every iPhone and iPad for ten years.

But it could have ended up very differently. You see, when Apple were still working on the OG iPhone, they had a number of teams competing to create the best prototype for the famous software. Video has emerged of an early contender that looks very… iPod-y. 
That’s the prototype codenamed P1 on the left and P2 on the right. While P1 is quicker to load, the wheel functionality would have been an absolute pain in the ass to use. I mean, you’ve already got a touch screen, just let us tap the shit we want. 
Created by Tony Fadell, P1 was running what was dubbed AcornOS and P2, whilst scruffy in the above video, is certainly truer to the iOS we know now. 
So there you have it folks. In a world where P1 wins, Nokia would almost definitely still be the king of phones. 
Source: The Verge.
Photo: YouTube / Sonny Dickson.