WATCH: Check Out The Batshit Insane New Trailer For ‘Super Mario Odyssey’

The fine folk at Nintendo gave fans a few sneak looks at the new Mario game Super Mario Odyssey for the Switch over the past few months, but today’s E3 trailer really took it from ‘looks fun’ to ‘this is pretty insane’.

Our boy on the ground Matt Hopkins was the first Australian journo to actually play the game – check out his thoughts right over here. But in the meantime, check out this absolutely batshit insane trailer, which reveals that the core mechanic of Odyssey appears to be… Mario stealing souls with his hat, which is now sentient.
Well, not stealing souls per se. That just sounds cooler. What he seems to be doing is possessing things – from giant bullets, to Goombas, to dinosaurs, to actual humans. Yes, as in the last trailer, it appears that there are human beings walking around who do not possess Mario’s unusual body.
Have a look:

The game lands in October. We’re keen.
Source: Nintendo.