VR Mario Kart Will Exist From Tomorrow & The Trailer Is Out Of Control

If crashing actual go karts dressed as Nintendo characters wasn’t enough, you’ll soon be able to hurl green shells at other people in virtual reality. 

The catch? It’s only in Japan for the moment. Shinjuku‘s VR Zone officially opens tomorrow and one of their awesome attractions is full-blown Mario Kart in VR. 
The centre recently held an opening ceremony where they showcased a bunch of gameplay footage from various games and experiences. 
Folks, start packing because this shit looks absolutely insane. Look at it! 
Sweet merciful crap, can you imagine how good this will be? It better go worldwide or I will throw a tantrum that a stroppy 3-year-old could not top. 
Sure, we don’t know exactly how good the experience will be just yet, but the trailer has certainly achieved maximum hype. 
If you’re lucky enough to be in or around Shinjuku, you can visit VR Zone and purchase a ticket that grants access to four different activities. The activities are broken up into four colours, detailed below.
There are also some separate Ghost in the Shell-themed attractions that will require a standalone ticket, but they don’t open until next month. 
When it opens, VR Zone will have 12 different activities for punters to have a go of. There’s a downhill ski simulator, a “winged bicycle experiment” and a hectic Dragon Ball experience where you get to chuck balls of energy and shit. Gimme that one pls.
Suss some of the other trailers below. 
That last one can get fucked. 
Source: Kotaku.
Photo: VR Zone / Nintendo.