Vine was a beautiful place where folks shared videos at a maximum length of six-seconds. Hilarity ensued, followed by the crushing disappointment of its death in 2016. But folks, it could be coming back.

Co-founder of the platform, Dom Hofmann, tweeted last week that he was gonna create a re-birthed Vine.

He then followed it up today with an image that simply says “V2”.

I mean, that’s all pretty vague, so who knows what the fuck’s actually going on. Dom could 100 percent be trolling the lot of us, but hey, we can be optimistic about Vine 2’s existence, right?

The original Vine was killed off by Twitter four years after they acquired it, but “V2” would be totally self-funded according to another one of Hofmann’s tweets. Will it succeed where its predecessor failed? We’ll just have to wait and see, I guess.

Until then, let’s remember the better times with this modest collection of fantastic Vine videos. Enjoy them. Cherish them.

You better fucking come through with the goods, Dom. Do it.

Source: Motherboard
Image: Vine / Jimmy Here