US Police Somehow End Tense Stand-Off Thanks To A Robot With A Vape Pen

Police in Novato, California used a robot to deliver a vape pen to a suspect during a standoff over the weekend in which a petrol station was doused with gasoline and almost set alight. Luckily, no one was hurt and the standoff ended peacefully.

[jwplayer aScndQWP]

Juan Roman argued with the employees of a gas station after having issues with a pump, which lead to him pouring a can of gasoline on the floor of the store and attempting to light it on fire. After somehow failing to ignite the fuel, Roman took off in his car and was cornered by police at a second gas station where the standoff took place. A SWAT team and negotiators were called in after police thought they saw a gun.

The situation went on for roughly six hours, during which a police robot was used to deliver a phone to Roman so a line of communication could be established. As The Sacramento Bee reports, the man eventually agreed to surrender in exchange for some cigarettes. Worried that old mate may have spilled some petrol on himself, police offered him a vape pen instead of regular lung busters to avoid sparking a fire.

Roman surrendered shortly after the vape was delivered by the police robot. He was charged with attempted arson and vandalism.

I wonder if they call the robot cop RoboCop. I hope they do.

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