This Hack Stops Ubers From Forcing You To Pay The Cancellation Fee When They Don’t Show Up


It’s a Saturday night, you’ve just had a massive night hitting the clubs, you’ve got your kebab in hand and you’re ready to come home. You’re standing there in the freezing cold, in your little mini skirt, waiting for an Uber. “Where the hell is it?” you’re thinking, “I’ve been waiting for 10 minutes.” You cancel the Uber, but are forced to pay a fee when it didn’t even show up. Well, that may now be a thing of the past.

In a recent TikTok, @jbellemusic shows you how to stop Ubers from forcing you to pay the cancellation fee when they don’t show up, through a simple setting in the app.

“In your settings, on your Uber app, you can actually go in and select to add in a pin code,” she said on TikTok.

“That pin code will be randomly generated every time and it refrains your Ubers from starting trips before they are actually getting to you.

“Which therefore means they can never pull that stupid cancellation shit on me.”


#stitch with @max_balegde Also helps keep you safe if you’re getting into an Uber after a big night out! #uber #hack #staysafe #fypシ #foryou #psa

♬ original sound – jess ☀️

You can access this setting by heading to your Uber app settings and then clicking on ‘verify your ride’ in the safety section. The purpose of this feature is to ensure you get in the right car, which saves you from a potentially dangerous situation.

But an added benefit to this feature, is it also means that drivers can’t force you to cancel as outlined above. It’s a win-win really.

The TikTok was inspired by my lord and saviour, Max Balegde, who created this hilarious series of TikToks about an Uber that never showed up on a night out.



♬ original sound – Max_Balegde


#stitch with @max_balegde STOP THIS NOW

♬ original sound – Max_Balegde

It’s the cutout of fashion consultant Gok Wan randomly appearing in the background for me.

Honestly, I love this hack. It’s made me feel 100% safer when ordering an Uber on a night out – because it means less time waiting around in the cold, and more time eating my mixed kebab with the holy trinity of sauces.

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