Uber Gives Drivers Retirement Advice As It Preps To Shaft ‘Em For Robots

As the future comes barreling towards us with the untamed ferocity of Donald Trump‘s hair, the need for little things like “human interaction” seem to be diminishing at an alarming rate. 
And while we know that many process-driven jobs are already on the chopping block, if you’re an Uber driver, the reality of a robot snaking your job is probably a lot closer than ya reckon. 
In their relentless pursuit of a full-blown robotic workforce, Uber have already started offering free financial planning to its drivers in selected US cities, which is a really great idea if you’re planning to replace them with cars that drive them-bloody-selves. 
While that little factoid is somewhat missing from their statement announcing the partnership with robo-advisers, Betterment, it’s pretty hard not to draw the conclusion when the replacement process is already well and truly underway.  
Drivers can now access the Betterment service through the Uber app, where a team of advisers will give them a hand in setting up a retirement fund. In other words, drivers are being groomed for the firing of a lifetime. 
Meanwhile, the ride sharing innovators are continuing their legal battle over the classification of its drivers. They argue that workers should remain contracted, as they are a tech company that connects drivers to riders, rather than a normal employer. A US judge recently rejected a $100 million settlement on the grounds that it’s unfair and inadequate. 
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick stressed in a tweet that the process would be a “multi-decade transition”, but seeing as they expect 100 driverless vehicles to start servicing riders in Pittsburgh over the coming weeks, we’re not really buying it, aye.  
Source: The Verge.
Photo: Getty.