Uber Employees Are Appaz Petitioning To Reinstate CEO Travis Kalanick

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has made some pretty poor decisions over the past year, culminating in his forced resignation from the ridesharing company. 

Following some major scandals and reports of a colossally shit workplace culture, Kalanick faced pressure from five big investors to step down. To be fair, it was a long time coming.
Weirdly, more than 1,000 Uber employees have signed a petition to have him reinstated as CEO, illustrating some rather fiery passion. It says that Kalanick was an “inspiration” and that he could “come back strong as Travis 2.0”
The petition also allegedly says that the board must listen to the enraged employees who believe it was “the wrong decision” to pressure Travis into leaving.  
The former CEO has received a shitload of support since his departure, with fans arguing that his work ethic cancelled out the fucked up culture of sexism and sexual harassment that festered under his watch. One of them even referred to the company as “Boober” to highlight how much he got laid. What the fuck?
Uber product manager Margaret Seger also stuck up for Kalanick in a Facebook post, thanking him for “creating a culture where – as a woman – it was okay to, no, encouraged to speak up”

“The amazing part is that coming to Uber was like a homecoming. I could be who I truly am, without being labeled an “aggressive” woman,” she wrote. Far from the sentiment conveyed by employees like Susan Fowler
You can read her full post here.
At the end of the day, the dude dun fucked up. Let him suffer the consequences.
Source: Axios.
Photo: Getty.

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