Twitter Is Stripping Racist Accounts Of Their Precious Blue Ticks

After introducing a new set of community rules to clarify its policies around inappropriate content, Twitter has begun removing blue tick verification from racist accounts.

Released earlier this month, the rules outline how certain abusive, spam, or self-harm posts will be handled by the platform moving forward. Without diving too far into the specifics of these, Twitter has deemed a number of verified alt-right accounts to be promoting hate and as such, are now unverified.

Noted white nationalist Richard Spencer is among the profiles targeted, having his blue tick swiftly removed and then complaining about not being allowed to be “proudly white”.

Call me crazy, but I think the problem here is Richard’s ability to be incredibly racist, like referring to folks as “Basketball-Americans”.

Yeah, there’s your problem. Far-right English conservative Tommy Robinson has also lost his verification, calling it an attack on “the truth”.

The company has also promised to release another set of rules on November 22 that detail new policies surrounding hateful imagery, violent groups, and abusive usernames.

It’s encouraging to see the platform enforcing their rules and taking a stand against shitty online behaviour and hate-mongers. No one who preaches racist bullshit should be rewarded for their efforts, but clearly, some are just so blinded by their own trash to see that maybe it’s them who’re the problem.

Good riddance, assholes.