Twitch Streamer Screams In Horror As His Actual Baby Offers Him A Drink

There’s nothing like a good old baby-induced jumpscare to pump up your Twitch followers

JurassicJunkie was broadcasting himself playing the pants-shitting horror game Outlast 2 as his young daughter waddled into the room to hand him a can of Jack Daniels his partner bought for him. Because he was wearing headphones, he failed to hear her approach.
Just as the game became tense, JJ jumped at an unexpected noise, then jumped and squealed again when he noticed a tiny presence behind him. The timing is, quite frankly, fucking immaculate. Look at it below. 
Good lord that’s funny. The short video has since become the most watched clip on Twitch, currently clocked at around 1.8 million views. He also gained a shitload of new followers, jumping from 100 to over 3,000. 
He recently shared the story in a Reddit post, explaining that he doesn’t usually play scary games (fair), but had recently added them to his roster after seeing how much his audience loves to watch him play them. He now gives them a run every Friday night, which he’s dubbed, Frightday
Don’t worry, his daughter was not phased at all by the ordeal. In fact, she looks bloody stoked on it. You can suss the whole stream here if you’d like to see how it ended up. 
Sucked in, dad.