Trump Seems To Believe That Tim Cook’s Name Is ‘Tim Apple’

That’s it, that’s the whole story.

During today’s Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting, Donald Trump addressed his dear, dear friend, Apple CEO Tim Cook, by his one true name: ‘Tim Apple’.

Here’s his full quote:

We’re going to be opening up the labor forces because we have to. We have so many companies coming in, People like Tim — you’re expanding all over and doing things that I really wanted you to do right from the beginning. I used to say, ‘Tim, you gotta start doing it here,’ and you really have you’ve really put a big investment in our country. We really appreciate it very much, Tim Apple.

You might think this is just a specific side-effect of Trump’s 72-year-old brain melting while his hands are at the levers of world power, but there’s something bigger afoot here.

Almost exactly a year ago, Trump also flubbed the name of Lockheed CEO Marillyn Hewson, calling her ‘Marillyn Lockheed’. Could it be possible that Trump, having enjoyed the branding spoils of having a company named after himself for decades, simply believes that’s how all companies are named?

Curiouser and curiouser.