There’s a heap of places on-the-line where you can buy yourself Instagram likes or followers. These shady joints generally have hundreds of phones setup along a wall to carry out the mass-likings.  

But if you happen to be reading this in Russia, you can just rock up to this vending machine at the Okhotny Ryad shopping centre in Moscow that also sells likes and followers.

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The machine was first spotted by journalist Vasily Sonkin who whacked a picture up on his own Instagram account. 

For 50 Russian rubles ($1.16 AUD) you can buy yourself 100 fake likes and if you double the price ($2.32), you can score 100 fake followers. From a fucking vending machine. 

You can also print out your Insta pictures, take a selfie and buy likes and followers for a Russian social media site called VK

There isn’t a lot of information on exactly how the likes and followers are dished out, but one could surmise that the process is similar to other services offering the same thing. In other words, they probably also have a giant collection of phones. 

You can see it in action in the video below.

A pitch deck from the machines’ owners, Snatap, provides some information on how the business runs, but it’s not exactly good news for the end user. 

Essentially, the kiosk is a spam machine. Once you enter your username, it’ll automatically add “customer’s friends in social.networks [sic]” and “send requests to the client’s friends.”

So there’s a good chance it’ll start spamming your friends with advertising from Snatap’s clients, maybe even from your own account. That’s bad.  

This Vending Machine Will Sell You Insta Likes ‘Cos Life Is Like That Now

Photo: Instagram / vsonkin

This Vending Machine Will Sell You Insta Likes ‘Cos Life Is Like That Now